Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later


I don’t know, if as Kev says they are were on coke then there it is possible that they were out of their minds, got it into their tiny little brains that yer man insulted them or something and they decided to sort him out.


Possible but that’s obscenely extreme.

More likely a double life, an affair or a mistaken identity.

What mental is a guy I know reasonably well and is a Special detective or something of that nature (real hard old school cop) in DS and is based up there. Now he is gone a long while and maybe just a really strange coincidence.

This cop would definitely have battered many a lad


Have the Gardai questioned Ian Bailey about this yet?


No one knows if they were on coke or not. That’s pure speculation.

The nature of the attack clearly suggests the parties had some contact or something in common.


Sounds well planned. Four of the arrived in the dead of night. No camera footage. Burned out the car in a quiet spot. Disappeared then. Had a gun they didn’t need or want to use.


I have got a far better insight I to it now.

What happened is absolutely fucking mental.
It was absolut old ritual Nordic (type, maybe Baltic) slaying.
They kneecapped him, cut his arms off, opened him up and stabbed him several times. Cut fingers off wife and apparently we’re going to do worse.

It was a Latvian hit on a random Pole for an incident in Ballincollig a few months ago.

I apologise to the travelling community. Once I heard the severity of this I knew that line was nonsense. confirmed close enough to similar story by 2 good sources.

He had no association at all with these people.

These cunts need to be met by some old IRA shit


Sounds like the kind of lads that the old IRA wouldn’t be messing with

Coked up travelers was very lazy speculation though, I wouldn’t have thought it fit their modus operandi


They have changed. Even the older travellers are afraid of them. A friends dad (former IRA man himself & reason he has job) is one of the liason officers up northside. He has some stories about them. But he says they are all scared now. It’s just an absolute other world and not stuff ireland has ever seen the likes of. Some of the Russians and Eastern Europeans living here are said to be some of the most dangerous even in their own country, Ireland is seen as soft and easy place to get buy. But travellers have been torturing people and what not in some cases. Usually their own as well mind you.
There is a brothel near Midleton absolutely jam packed with illegals and underage girls and they Andre too afraid to go near it. Understaffed cops not willing to risk anything and sure everyone knows where a cop lives in ireland.


I hadn’t heard any of that, I’m clearly years behind but that never struck me as traveler crime,


Well what I heard subsequently ya for sure, doesn’t at all. The ritual of it is certainly not their MO


That deserves 10


Jesus Christ, that’s horrific.


Time to arm up???


So he was just chopped up for being Polish?


I don’t buy it


Yeah, i’ve never heard of these ‘ritual’ killings before… We all know that many of the Eastern European types over here are scum. The decent ones living here will tell you that… But cutting him up as a sacrifice… that’s really just unbelievable.


Us farmers are already armed, thankfully.


Majority of eastern europeans are hard working family oriented decent people Rob.

99% that are here want to better themselves.


@balbec is staying very quiet about this…


Not all of them here…