Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later


I better not do anything to upset the Eastern Europeans I know :see_no_evil:


I did not know the man personally but it turns out many people around me did, particularly local house holders, tradesmen and farmers. He did jobs for all of them. My brother knew him. Of course there is always the possibility someone is leading a double life, but they all seem to think it’s absurd he was involved in anything related to this or feuding or absurdly criminal activity


Better behave yourself in Ennis on Sunday


I’m leaving the flares at home. I can’t promise any more after that.


There’ll be some ruck when Clare try to commandeer the scoreboards. A few banjo pluckers might get slaughtered.


@chops91 @Watchyourtoes @Copper_pipe and all the other Limerick Ultras will be tooled up.

As Danny Dyer is wont to say - “it could get propa nawwwwwty.”


Danny Dyer is too busy keeping an eye on his daughter on Love Island :rofl::rofl:


It all goes back to the war. I worked with a crowd of them. They wouldn’t even sit in the canteen at the same time, not to mind at the same table. They wouldn’t seek or take promotion for fear of having to talk to one another.


So which is it, coked up travellers or a ritual eastern european cut up?


Which war?


Apparently the Lithuanians (according to one i worked with years ago) and Latvians are proper hard cases, the poles are harmless compared to them. They also call the guards the pussy police because they arent armed, the criminals from there reckon they cant be stopped in ireland if they are determined to do a job or get away from one


That seems the jist of it


The Lithuanians are right bastards. They love their knives.


They have a bad name around our place anyway. We have loads of poles working who are quiet but sound out but they don’t want any Lithuanians onboard.


“its the other-lings that did it”


Second, and the cold war after it.


Ah lad…!

Fantastic! :joy:


Don’t forget @codegreen the man will be tanked up too


youre a genius :clap::clap::clap:


ok guys, can you all start backtracking now and stop blaming the otherlings