Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later


There’s no way interpol did it


How do you know though???

I wouldn’t trust an authority to tell me the time if day.

It could be anyone, but it’s mist like those Baltic fuckers. Especially seeing as 2 have gone underground and cops cannot seem to find people who were at that party


because you got snubbed for the meal?


they spoke with Cork accents


@The_Selfish_Giant hanging on the every word of the Gardai and their spokesperson on this one. Less than a week ago he was screeching like a snowflake at the Gardai and calling them all sorts for locking up some chippy nordie who wouldn’t take down his Palestine flag after he was repeatedly asked to.


yes mate, one was political policing this isnt


Ah fuck that’s a cracker.


Very disappointed. Seemingly decision made because sister restaurant in cork was used for lunch.

Wpuld be nice to unnerve a royal with a few loose searching questions


So who was it Kev put your neck on the chopping block - was it coked up travellers from Cork or a gang of Baltic mercenaries?


The latter I would think. And mistaken identity


You could have asked him if a relative ever visited a boys home on the Newtownards rd


He has never recovered from the Belfast rape trial that he called horribly wrong. The big dogs of the forum, the lads who have lived a little were two steps ahead of him. He is still seething.




Is not some weird Baltic Cult that cut peoples heads off and eat their entrails?


A Baltic cult who had Irish accents.


Chechen rebels is my wild, unfounded, unsubstantiated guess.


Can we be sure this wasn’t MI6 in preparation for Charles visit?


entrail eating checynan rebels that spoke with a cobh accent


'twas the nordies what done it


Who is saying they had irish accents?