Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later



I can tell you now tgere is alot of rubbish in that.

Cop who is on the gate periodically has told my brother they haven’t a clue really what’s going on.

They thought they had a definite line within a few hours but that didn’t get anywhere. And it seems they have 2 theories now.

And essentially they cannot take much from the woman as she was all over the shop and mentioned a few different things.

Big thing is they really think though this was racially motivated. It’s disgusting on many many levels


racially motivated by Irish onto poles?


There seemed to be an emphasis on the polish factor thru the attack.


This cork accent thing is a red herring. If a Japanese tourist arrived for one day he’d go home with a cork accent. My money is still on the Sumerians as Kev pointed out.


Which brother?


As far as I could tell it was the rape apologists who were siding with Jackson/Olding. You came out of it looking like a creep.


I only have one fella


At least 1 if not 2 had strong English accents is latest.

Way too much of a coincidence that Charlie was around and MI6


Tuesday - it was coked up travellers
Wednesday - it was a Lithuanian ritual killing
Friday - noone genuinely has a clue who it was
Saturday - it was English people

Just give it up Kev FFS sake


He’s drip feeding us so we solve it ourselves. .its clearly a coked up litunanin traveller with a Cockney accent…such a fella shouldn’t be too hard for cops to locate…


It was knackers. Obviously.


There’s another rumour that the Polish lad was trying to muscle in on the local S&C scene


English pikeys?
Why would they assassinate a pole though?


The only that seemed to be almost certain is that it was mistaken identity. That might be in doubt too though

They can pretty much account for last 12 years of the man’s life. So what happened?

My auld lad thinks the lodger, recently split from some man but nobody knows who (at least oublically) could be the key.

When I heard that it put a different angle on it but then possibly rules out mistaken identity


Hey the line of information is from decent sources

Just shows how weird and unexplainable it is


So is it almost certain or in doubt? It cant be both surely?




Saturday - it was definitely a case of mistaken identity.
Saturday - that might be in doubt though


It was a gang of homophones now out to get the gay lodger.