Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later


Sherlock Holmes wouldn’t solve it.


I think what we’ve learned from this is that Kevs source in the police loves filling him with shit :sweat_smile:


And his family too


This is an embarrassment to TFK.
Surely to God its not hard to solve a crime like this in a little village.


It surely can

The more random the harder to solve surely???

There is absolutely no precedent here


why is there no precedent?


Do you know of fellas arms being cut off with slash hooks in sleepy irish town lands? ??

Didn’t think it was common tbh


The only place I’ve heard about the arms being cut off was your posts on here. Have you anything to back that up? He apparently was alive for 2 hours after the attack which would be hard to believe if his arms had been chopped off.


Of course it’s possible

But do you have anything to back up that he was alive for 2 hours?


I do

Despite the fact that Mr Wilk suffered such extensive and severe injuries, he survived for almost two hours.

Now have you anything to confirm or back up that his arms were chopped off?


It was asexuals


Holocaust deniers?


Rape apologists?


LHOT Right oriented weirdos?


It was Lithuanians with English and Irish accents. It was a case of mistaken identity as they were looking to carry out a sacrificial killing on the gay lodger, not the man asleep with his wife.


Something like this wouldn’t even make the news in Lithuania. They’d just see it as an armless bit of fun.


It was just a handy number but they don’t want to get fingered for it.



One property contained Eastern Europeans, one Travellers, one local drug dealers, one a suspected MI5 operative and the last one was the headquarters of Lithuanian ritual killing cult.


Cockney/mockney accents?