Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later


Closer to it than you may realise


There’s an MI5 op living in princess’ old family home… he was a top man with al qaeda before defecting to MI5 and now lives in Rochestown.


Another disturbing murder. This one appears to have been an attack by a juvenile on a homeless disabled man sleeping rough in a park in Tallaght. Wrong on a number of levels.


Was only 23 and suffered from cerebral palsy.

Very sad.


Stabbed 150 times supposedly. What a summer of fucked up murders by youths, i find it quite bizarre the way the reports reference the accuseds grandparents or parents in court being in a bad way.


Any update on that young fella murdered in louth?


Still dead.


I was waiting for it


Notorious Baltic gang at the centre of machete murder probe over ‘€50,000 dispute’



Imagine that - he had dealings with them.

The day the news broke my Polish colleague said - ‘He arrived in Ireland and had a successful business in 1 year?? He’s dodgy. And he was into dodgy shit. - That’s why I dont mix with other Polish’

And it appears he was indeed dodgy (not dodgy keeper) - Doesnt mean he deserved to be ritually sacrificed for being a homosexual mind.


You aftertiming sonofabitch.


Here… you never regaled the forum with your Rugby Football experience last week…


I should never doubt @caoimhaoin


Does “absolutely steamin” count as a rega…la…tion?


You’ll have to flesh out the steamer part…


Steamin’ as in absolutely shteamin’.


That never happened. There are no colleagues in the Dole queue


How would you know?


Sure he said it was the Travellers / Polish / Lithuanians / Israelis / Kurds / Bikers who did it. He was bound to get close to it.


He is living there for 12 years fella.

It seems like a protection racket. And a few people seem to have come forward.

But scary with a growing business in area. They were targeting immigrants.

This was a warning to everyone

Get the feeling the cops approach was not to arrest and hope the seizures mean they fuck off