Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later


Ah ffs. Wouldn’t pay protection??? That’s beyond belief.


I do not get you?

Hardly the 1st man to say no


The first that happened to. What kind of savagery is that? It’s awful.


You do not think the NY, Sciilian, roman, Russian, Chinese mafia have not done mad shit before to send a message?

Of course they have.

Make it big and scary

Irish people are frighteningly naive

And that’s what these buckos realise


So it’s a protection racket now and not a cult?


Here Kev, you never got back to me on this. Anything to back this claim, and all your other claims up?


Who said cult?


Read the recent reports you gombeen

But I can’t get the cop who told me to verify it on tfk. So no.


:raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: We love you Kev


What did the recent reports say?


He was dodgy as fuck and he crossed the wrong people.


So nobody said it was a cult…so ypu were wrong to say that.

Cheers for clearing up.

I am only as good as the information given


He was chopped up and not even family were allowed see him


Lads here expecting all the info to be released to the public must never have watched a cop show. Keeping the detail back is policing 101


Didn’t they seal off a couple of places (not the house where the murder occurred) and designate them as crime scenes.

I’d imagine the Guards know exactly who the people involved were/are, says as much there with the four involved leaving the country within 24 hours. Just about trying to piece the evidence together now. I’d imagine these latest leaks are an attempt to get others to come forward who have been threatened, extorted etc.


He was alive for 2 hours after the men left Kev. That must be a scientific miracle for a chopped up body to survive that


The EU is based on the free movement of goods , capital , services and people .

The free movement of SCUM should not be allowed . Serious criminals should not be let in to this or any country . Our own scum should not be allowed to move either .


Agree 100%.

While it’s nice to export some of our scum to the south of Spain and the UK, it works the other way too.

Convicted child abusers from the UK etc free to come in here as they please. Any cunt with convictions for anything like assault, theft, fraud etc should be banned from entering, never mind serious crimes like murder, manslaughter, rape etc.

That system works fine for the US, Australia.


He died roaring the poor guy, and what’s worse is it was in front of his wife and kids. These people are evil of the highest order whatever he did to aggrieve them. It would be lovely to see them caught and caged.


And yet you have nutters calling for “no borders”.