Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later


Teen (18) arrested in connection with the death of Cameron Reilly


Man stabbed in a pub in Limerick City last night



That wouldn’t be a great pub or anything but it’d be a safe enough one I’d have thought? Sad stuff, only a young fella.
We were going well with not having people stab each other and all.


Its like the scorpion and the frog


Ah that place has had a fair few incidents over the years under it’s various guises.

Isn’t that where the attempted burglar/assassin got the shit kicked out of him one night :grinning:


Don’t recognize the name…what was it’s d name


Quiltys anyways years back


Ah jaysus… That’s an awful place.




Quiltys? Place across from the Paddy Powers on Sexton St.


Wait… I’m thinking of the place in Thomond gate… Was there pub of that name on Sexton st? I can’t place it


Sexton St North/Thomondgate… same spot I’m sure


Well yes then, that Quiltys pub was dog rough … Dont know what its been like over the last 6/7/8 years but it used to be dodge. The come down house for drug dealers.


North Sexton Street is in Thomondgate :rollseyes:


I never knew that. It was just Thomondgate to me. Or maybe I did know it once upon a time. I know well where Qualitys pub is and the type of scut that drank in there.


Townies never know the actual names of any street


Correct. We usually have our own reference points.


Pubs, usually.


Yeah or long standing landmarks or buildings that have picked up nicknames… The innocent country lad has to memorize streets off by heart out of pure fear and panic.