Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later


My other half was seven years working from the centre of town and she still couldn’t tell you where any thing is.


Or more likely it was because you cant read


Or in his case houses he has burgled.


I thought the pub must near CBS when i saw the address. The second i heard Quiltys then i knew it was actually thomondgate.


Well done.




Thank you :blush:. The point being…everyone in limerick knows Sexton street as where the CBS is.


Exactly…you’d never, ever call Thomondgate ‘Sexton st north’ …Just never. Sexton street is where cbs is and Thomondgate is Thomondgate.


I know of the pub but never ever knew the name of the street.
Any scoop on why the townie got the scian?


He was talking when he should have been listening.


Odd reaction by the surrender monkeys here

Not one condemnation of the murder but 50 posts discussing the location


We’ve to keep our cards close to our chest mate. Snitches get stitches


That street is known to us as the high road


We’re not big on virtue signalling.

There’s more value here on knocking another hundy posts on old school boozers in the area and how many counties you can see from this street.


The High Road starts further down towards the bridge


Quiltys was always a rough pub.

RIP to the young lad.


From hassets to the bridge… the high road is local term


It turns out he was into these Lithuanians for over 50k for drug money.

I got the low down from a top cop last night.


A topper copper than Kev’s mate?


My lad was a gofor at the gate. Mind you does not mean he wasn’t as well or not informed as any top brass

Anyway it’s the fuck Gardai. Who the fuck knows what is going on,