Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later


This article wouldn’t leave you in much doubt as to who the family think did it. I’d say it’s the same with a lot of the “disappeared” in that it was a case of someone they knew rather than some psycho randomly abducting and killing them. That, and woeful ineptitude on behalf of AGS.


Seems to be pointing the finger at the last person to see her alive to me.


Very much so. Seems to be a cunt irrespective as to whether or not he did it by not letting them see Fiona’s daughter at all.


Is the daughter with her ex-partners family?


How were they never able to pin him for it?.



That’s my reading between the lines of the article.


You’re very late to the show here. They have
a lad in for that already.


I heard a name earlier. Wasn’t sure about posting it


It won’t be a huge surprise to anyone at this stage.


Even I know the name of the scumbag who killed that lad in Quiltys. He’s absconded though


Tbf that’s generally how it goes



Special branch.


Fire it on…I’ve heard nothing.


One of the Crawfords


Of the three most high profile ‘disappeared’ victims, the following seems to be latest theories:

  1. Annie McCarrick: Got chatting to a IRA man on the run in Johnny Fox’s pub and was subsequently killed by him and buried in the Dublin mountains by him and some associates. He told her too much apparently.

  2. Jo Jo Dollard: Abducted and killed by a man who lived in the general locality of Carlow/Kilkenny. His partner called Jo Jo’s sister to say that she believed he may have done it, the guards were informed but nothing was done.

  3. Deirdre Jacob: Abducted and murdered by Larry Murphy. He apparently confessed to an inmate in prison. He said that he killed her soon after abduction after she was difficult to contain and threw her body in a lake.

Whatever you make of all of that.


The guards didn’t cover themselves in glory in any of the cases really


The Dollard one in particular.

Not much they could have done in the Jacob one it seems. She seemed to vanish into thin air.


The Gardai agree


I caught the end of a interview on Newstalk this morning where some guy was on talking about a murder that happened in Clara, Offaly, circa 1985. Seemingly the person that did it was never caught, despite the guards telling the victims cousin “there were people jumping the fences to get out of Offaly that night”. GSOC have been carrying out investigation into this and seemingly alot of the evidence and the statements from the Garda investigation have been lost, gone missing or have been deleted, despite this investigation according to the cousin, still being classed as open.

Garda Reynolds was doing the interview on the radio this morning.