Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later


And who would know better…


I had it down to be Mike who would come up with this, turns out it was just another Cork cunt instead. Well done, thats the level you’re on.


Didn’t hear that on the radio but I think that case relates to a priest who was found dead in a house there after apparently being beaten to death.

The home owner (the husband) was charged with either manslaughter or murder but was acquitted by a jury IIRC. The chap who was acquitted died last year.

Relations of the deceased are now looking for the investigation to be reopened.

Think that’s the gist of it without being 100%.


It was at a wedding reception of a prominent Limerick business man IIRC.

Priest was found dead in one of the bedrooms


There were links between the accused and a judge in one of the courts he appeared before I think.


That’s the one. I must of tuned in after they said that the victim was a priest. The cousin was saying that it is a cloud that is hanging over Clara.


A lot of big stock were at the wedding


A goal is a goal however its scored


Was Jacob pulled into a van and was seen by somebody struggling?


No. I don’t think so anyway.


They were members of the same club

The here’s how podcast that a lot of people on here have been talking about recently has an episode

@Rocko please link it


Fianna fail involvement also iirc. Priest was owed a significant sum of money and asked for it back was one bit of tittle tattle.


Was it not the case that the priest was riding the accused wife?

He was found in their bedroom which led to speculation that the husband had walked in on the two of them.

At least it wasn’t a kid I suppose.


That was the initial rumour, possibly spread to deflect blame. I heard the poor fucker just asked for his money back.


builders, politicians, clergy and the horsey set all involved in that Clara one
t’would have made a great movie
the nephew of the priest maintains a website with a lot of information about the case…


Intriguing case, files for the case were stolen by Martin Cahill a k a The General.

Govts have been ducking and diving in this case for 30 years…


Very senior FF politician was present when Fr Darcy was killled


Interesting read there.

The lad who married the couples daughter is from the family associated with the Parkway in Limerick, Eastway, Childers Road and the Fine Wines off license company among other ventures…

You learn something new every day…


Would you not just name him as Brian?


Don’t be fooled by the Clara reference it’s not him. He would have been very young back then