Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later


Twas the other Brian from athlone direction


Darcy is still alive. But lyin lenihan was present


This poor lad in Thomondgate was a harmless enough sort

Just got the info from a good source close to his family.

Very very sad. Crawford absolute scum


So there were two of the little cunts in on this…

From the Indo.

A second boy has been charged with the murder of teenager Ana Kriegel in May.

The 13-year-old was charged before the Children’s Court in Smithfield this morning.

Judge John O’Connor heard evidence from Detective Sergeant Damien Gannon of Lucan garda station that the boy was arrested at his home this morning and later charged with the murder which occurred on May 14 at Glenwood House on Clonee Road, County Dublin.

He made no reply to the charge.

Dressed in a pink hoodie, dark blue jeans and black trainers, he sat quietly in court with his mother.

He replied “yes” when asked by the judge if it was his first time in court.

The Children’s Court has no jurisdiction for bail so the boy was remanded to Oberstown Detention Centre until his next appearance on July 18.

Legal aid was granted.

After the short hearing the boy’s mother asked if she could have some time with him before he was brought to Oberstown and this was allowed by the judge.

Ana Kriegel (14), who was adopted from Russia at the age of two, lived with her family at Newtown Park in Leixlip, County Kildare.

She was reported missing by her family on May 14 and after extensive searches her body was discovered in a derelict farmhouse three days later.

A second 13-year-old boy has previously been charged with Ana’s murder and is remanded in Oberstown.

Neither boy can be named or identified because of their ages.

Judge O’Connor said the press reporters in court were aware of the reporting restrictions in the case and he gave a warning which he said was directed to social media.

He said the child had a right to a fair trial and also, he stressed, the right to anonymity, a protection provided by the Children’s Act and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

He warned that no details of the boy’s name, address or school or any photos that would identify him could be published or any other details that would identify him.


I know a lad who plays soccer with him, said he was decent guy and killed over a small bit of drugs for personal use that he owed for.


That’s not the story I have from a good friend of his sister’s

He won a good bit of money on world cup bets that day. Was telling all and sundry about it in the pub and buying drinks for loads of people. His wallet was fat and he was followed into the jacks



Poor bastard… A harmless fella by all accounts.


As if the story couldn’t get worse… 2 sick cunts.


This second lad was probably going around the last five or six weeks - since the other fella was charged - thinking he’d got away with it.

For a 13 year old to be going around acting all normal knowing what he’d done would lead you think these two are as cold as ice and pure deranged.


He hardly believed that the other lad was going to keep him out of it, this is a dreadful case, I’ve no doubt that pornography has the youth fucked.


I knew him, he was a harmless lad. Always be in good form, supposed to have been a good soccer player by all accounts. Rip


Gone be the days you’d have to wait your turn for the VHS :vhs: that one lad in the class would have.



Cork is the murder capital of Ireland.


Cahirmee was on yesterday to be fair.


Supposedly it was a member of the travelling community that got stabbed…


An old school mate of mine was arrested yesterday for being the driver.

My parents had been playing cards with him 2 weeks ago.

It’s felt the actual murderers are long gone.

Same guys brother is in Oz and is suspected of murdering a family friend(his family) and another school mate of ours.


Half the fuckers on here are fucked fron it anyway




This does not fit with the image of Dunmore East