Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later


You’ve nothing to prove to us.


Obviously not to same extent but there are three families destroyed.

Nobody is winning here.


The brits love being outraged, love it. We are more of a sweep sweep thady o toole mob.



Didn’t one of the perpetrators make up a story to cover his tracks? At 13 years of age that is quite chilling.


Didnt the families go along with it?


And aren’t you related to that family? Purple-Monkey-Dishwasher


Not sure mate.


Isn’t this the second incident in Macroom in a few weeks?




You’d want your head examined to live in Macroom.


More info.

Is Macroom a rough spot @gilgamboa @backinatracksuit? I wouldn’t have thought so. But I’ve only been there once or twice.


It would certainly seem that way.


Is this fued related?


Not at all Id say


The estates on the road in from the city would be dog rough


Macroom could be any big small town in Ireland in this instance. The upshot of our Celtic Tiger style problem solving has left a legacy of ghost estates in every one-horse town that have in themselelves become anti-social behaviour hubs. Coupled with ‘Regeneration’, where we farmed out those beyond the system to dilute their influence, but actually facilitated them in developing their skillset with impunity, small towns can’t cope with these hoodlums, in a law and order sense.

Back in the day you had a few winos, a few wild young fellas and the annual tinker migration. Today you have the disenfranchised welfare-dependant local population, the hoodlums, the eastern Europeans and the tinkers all contributing to a heady mix of criminal enterprise. Throw in a few drugs and a lack of Garda resources and you have a Macroom. An escalating situation that is close to getting out of hand. A situation all too familiar to the inhabitants of Macroom. The dogs on the street, if you will.

Macroom could be Newcasltle West, Killorglin, Tullamore, Youghal, Enniscorthy, Thurlas or any place like them.

And when the milk turns sour, the taxpayer will have to drink it.


And what’s the story with this shooting?


Few Ballysteen big time charlies lost the run of themselves after the football and went rogue on the sneachta. You know yourself.


He was killed in the rural hinterland to the south west of the town, on the back roads to Cill na Martra. Apparently the victim was dumping rubbish in the ditches at night and he was finally caught in the act by a more than disgruntled farmer.