Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later


Got what he deserved so



They sounded like a lovely couple. Very well suited.

Her legal team did a good job getting that murder charge downgraded.


wouldn’t have thought it would’ve been that hard, she was by all accounts intervening to save the other lad from getting a box.

but this evidence does tend to put a gaping hole in her PTSD defence


Gardai still non the wiser on this one.


Sure they know well what happened according to @caoimhaoin


Unless someone was being less that truthful.


Danish Fairy Worshippers wasn’t it?


I haven’t followed it that closely but from recollection of the news report I heard on it, her defence seemed to be largely premised on PTSD.

The amount of force that she used seems a bit disproportionate for the self defence line if the third party was just getting a box from the deceased.


She seems like a nutjob.

Typical couple that head to Australia I’d imagine.


think they may have met out there. not sure of her reasons for leaving, but he left to avoid being prosecuted here and had warrants out for him.

Bit more detail of court and some evidence here:

That report says she took a knife out to stab him. It was previously a broken bottle.

The victim impact statements make good reading too. The father dies of a broken heart. Even though he had suffered from cancer for a few years.

Strange how her previous court cases in Australia were never uncovered prior to now. I can never understand how both of them can be as violent with each other and want to get married.


I’d say she did society a favour


A bit harsh, but now both of them are off the streets.

I’d say Bea and vinegar tits will put manners on her



What sort of a stretch is she looking at?


any of the Irish reports I’ve seen here havent given the full details of her accounts today that is given in this report. Obviously he cant defend himself now with all the allegations being made.


Is sticking your tongue out when taking a a photo a Wexford thing? Rory Jacob used always have his tongue hanging out when the camera was on him during a match, the dirty bastard.




We need to start talking to our daughters about how they treat young men


In this case, looks like they were/are both scumbags.