Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later


It is very sad state of affairs that people saw this happening and done nothing.


Not much a friend if they seen what happened and didn’t report it. They must have found something to make them upgrade it to murder?


Fucking hell. Animals.


That chap in Kerry who impaled his neighbour with some piece of agricultural machinery only got 5 years at sentencing this morning having been found guilty of manslaughter previously.


I think you’ll find you’d look at this case differently if some cunt placed a crow gun in the field beside you when your new born arrived home for the first time.

Murdering him was a tad over the top but it would cross your mind is my guess.


One of these has started going off near my place recently. It seems to be a bit of a distance away but it has woke me a few times before 7am. I dunno wtf it’s about at this time of year and have never heard one in the area before.


In truth I didn’t understand the case very well what with not being a muldoon. I’m not familiar with these pieces of equipment and I don’t know what a crow gun is.


Think of it as someone standing outside your window and firing a shotgun every 10 minutes, every day.


I think it was set to every 1 minute in this case. :grimacing:


Could he not have impaled the crow gun with the digger?


I thought you were from wickshford?


Pretty much in line with the sentencing for manslaughter in this jurisdiction unfortunately…


Every 40 odd seconds your man had the crow banger set to! He moved it as close as possible to the boundary of the other house too.


What did your man do that he did that? - Just a falling out?


The deceased was, shall we say, one of those rare breed of rural type characters who no human would be able to reason with. Added to that a penchant for driving his neighbours demented…

Actually come to think of it he’d have been a star on here.


For some reason i can understand and condone both the deceased and perpetrators point of view


He meant to kill him. He blocked him in with the teleporter and went for him with it. The deceased’s heart and other organs were found outside the body.

To get 5 years for that seems wrong. Crow yoke or no crow yoke.


I was asking why the deceased wanted to drive his near neighbour demented. But I fear i’ll never fully understand the mind of the country folk…


Yes, just a tad! :thinking:


Aren’t you a guard?

4 minutes 40 seconds was the interval.

Theres a little bit of scope for idle talk in murder cases but let’s at least get the basic facts in order.