Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later


I don’t know anymore than what I have said.

But I heard a different story about two different farmers up the country far far away. One of them, who later turned out to be the victim of an assault, fell out with all of his family and spoke to none of his neighbours over the smallest, pettiest little things you could ever imagine. Universally disliked in his area. He ran neighbours off the road, blocked rights of way, threatened neighbours with law if cattle broke into his land, that kind of stuff. He eventually went away and bought a contraption that would make this unmerciful God awful loud noise that was supposedly to ward off birds and he set it to go off as frequently as possible and placed it as near as possible to his neighbours house after yet another petty confrontation about something or other. The neighbour drove his tractor into his car one morning after eventually completely losing it with him.


We have some of his type around urban areas also.


Soon to be former Garda mate. Counting down the days.

I misread the article, apologies. You pock faced sweaty little sex pest.


Your attention to detail is clearly very very poor, its no wonder you were absolutely fucking useless as a garda.


The sister in law of the deceased was on Joe Duffy today. A stupid fucking cunt if ever I heard one.


Obviously the fella didn’t deserve to die the way he did but a crow banger going off every few minutes beside you day after day, year after year, decade after decade would drive anyone demented.

They make an almighty racket, it’s a wonder the defendant didn’t crack much earlier.


Surely he tried to sabotage it first?


Agree with all of the above. But this is one of those times when all sides need to just take a step back and get on with their lives. Ringing Joe Duffy was just senseless.


He tried to reason with the deceased repeatedly and it was like talking to the wall apparently. So did other neighbours and he snubbed them too. By all accounts not the easiest man to deal with, to put it mildly.

Everybody has their breaking point. It was a fairly extreme reaction but sometimes even sane people just lose it.


You’d know sure, you’d have good experience with the Gardaí I’d say judging by your previous admissions, you sick bastard


Didn’t hear it but going on national radio shortly after sentencing has been passed to rake over old coals is not advisable or beneficial.


Michael Ferris is being dragged through the gutter here. He was found not guilty of murder and shouldn’t be on this thread


Not many people ring Joe Duffy, I’d be surprised if his team didn’t make the first move here.


Maybe, Maybe not. Either way it was a bad move to request/agree to speak to him.


Most of the neighbours were in court supporting the accused


I doubt id have lasted a week without resorting to doing something i shouldn’t to be honest


According to this report (below) the deceased’s character was blackened in court & neighbours seem to have been split.

As some seem to think this killing was in some way justifiable would it be ok for some of the deceased’s relatives to exact vengence on the killer when he gets out?


Neighbour must have Winter corn sought.


That’s the long & the short of it. It was clearly Murder.


Pure and utter bollocks.