Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later


Is the crow banger still in operation does anyone know?


Your little daughter cant sleep with this shotgun going off every minute, crying due to tiredness, struggling in school because of this and it’s going on two years now. You tried reasoning with the landowner but he snorts laughing and tells you to go fuck yourself. What would you do?


More bollocks.


So youd do nothing??


Were the law called at any stage? Is there regulations around how close these bastards can be to a residence?


Not ok as the deceaseds behavior was way out out of line, but understandable.


I don’t know were they. The only regulation i guess would be if it exceeded a decibal level otherwise authorities are powerless (from my college days)


I thought they were supposed to be set to turn off at certain times.


I don’t know the regulations on it


It sounds like a cannon when it goes off and fires 3 shots in close proximity to each other. Listening to it over 30 years would have been a form of torture. In the countryside with no traffic or background noise to drown it out would have exacerbated it. The deceased seemed like a cantankerous old fart who seemed to revel in pissing people off. However the community should have approached a family member or even a parish priest if he was a man of faith to intervene.


I think that the main part of this story has been missed.

It took place in Kerry.


I’d be fairly certain the one in question is turned off now. A sad case - crows the only winners.


They should have giving him a 3 shot salute from the crow banger as a send off considering he loved the fucking thing so much.


The crows seemed to be calling his name, thought Caw.


Actual torture, for decades. Anyone have the back story here? Why didn’t someone banjax it, or straighten this lad out.


The crows are pests but serve a purpose I suppose.


Do you really think the Gardai didn’t intervene for a particular reason here?

It’s amazing how so many have gobbled up all the Paper talk & chalked off Driving a 5 Tonne Telehandler through a car and puncturing a 73 Year olds chest “ repeatedly “.
5 Years for that?

There should be a Public Enquiry in the Garda behavior here & action urgently taken.

And another ape called out a family member for expressing disgust at the sentence.

Fucks Sake.


Come down off the soap box


Did they not? Did they have right to intervene?


There was probably a few dispute escalation steps between complaining to the neighbor (and being ignored) and murdering him. He could maybe have tried smashing the banger or moving it up beside the deceased house. Or at the more extreme end, even threatening the deceased with murder, before actually doing it. Jumping straight to killing him seems a bit excessive