Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later


You’ve made your mind up so I’m assuming you know the score.


Im surprised this wasnt a murder trial. Manslaughter does seem leniant, but none of us know the ins and outs of it.

Similar case is due up again from Kildimo, and by all accounts it’ll be resolved with a suspended sentence even though the other farmer was shot and his poor sheep dog killed.

Seems to be happening a lot more lately, another similar case in Macroom co Cark.


All reasonable steps to take


I don’t thays why i asked. You seem to offer neither information or opinion here


I’d blame that nutri-bullet craze.


My clear opinion is a Charge of Manslaughter & a 5 Year term for that act is a fucking disgrace. In fact it’s a Go Fuck Yourselves for the family.


It does seem very leniant. Depends on your previous history, address and character witnesses though in that order.




Whatever happened in that case where the two weird Protestants who were found dead by the knackers in mid West Limerick; yer one was the con artist?


Nothing it was suicide, the judge let the knacks with multiple convictions off for the burglary as he felt they’d learned their lesson


Are some people really trying to justify this?




Which is worse a banger going off beside your house constantly or some cunt spoiling the ending of your book?




I’d have relations down this way and the official line from what I’ve heard is he more than deserved it and it was coming a long time. He shot two fellas 20 years ago with an unlicensed gun injuring one of them very seriously. He picked on a weak rural man and drove him insane with the crow banger. He was a bully and extremely well off becuase he often failed to his bills and kept bullying until people gave up. A total cunt.




Obviously an objective view of the act would say its a disgrace. But theres a whole back story you are discounting, theres a cumulative effect, like a battered wife who stabs her husband after years of abuse when he complains the dinner is cold. As the saying goes, in texas they hang horse thieves and let murderers walk free


Believe me mate there’s nothing poor about that farmer and the only thing sad is the dog didn’t have the gun and shoot the pair of them.


Exactly. He tried to drive the man insane, he drove the man insane eventually and then the man done something that only an insane man would do. Cause and effect.


You could maybe use more capital letters to fully express your outrage