Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later


Why didn’t the man break the fucking thing or even break every window in the cunts house or something? Only a real danger to society would do what he did


Becuase he was driven insane by it.


And yet he wasn’t found not guilty by reason of insanity.


Your one of these solicitor types that have destroyed our beautiful country and I’m not one bit surprised you can’t understand the man was driven insane.




Continue to fleece the ordinary man for 100s of Euros for a few signatures. How your types sleep at night is beyond me.


I worked in legal aid pal. Hardly fleecing people


Take a look at the accused coming out of court on the news. A man bullied, tormented and driven out of his mind by a man who could not be reasoned with.

Gardaí, other neighbours, county council, family relations, all attempted to talk to/mediate with the deceased and were all ignored.


There was no dealing with him. I’m young enough but you can see fairly regularly lads living on their own get stranger as they get older. This man deliberately tormented somebody and eventually he snapped. It’s unfortunate yes but as I said earlier actions always have reactions.




Rural Ireland is a strange place.


So as I asked earlier if the reaction to the action of killing of this man is that his killer is killed by a relative of the deceased …?



He was granted bail whilst on trial and he refused it. He couldn’t face the community with shame



So from above the gardai had no law to do anything. So what exactly are you talking about here?


Would the fact that he rammed a car rather than a person be part of a manslaughter defence?


He reversed the teleporter a few times to have a better go at him. Oh there’s no doubt about it, he completely flipped and went postal for a few minutes. He didn’t just ram it the once like. Keep in mind too that from his elevated position in the teleporter he could most likely see where the prongs were heading towards, especially after the first or second ramming. Scary shit. He fully lost control.


Only the state