Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later




I’m led to believe that the accused, possibly in league with other disgruntled neighbours ‘confiscated’ previous incarnations of the crow banger and may have mangled a few more.

I’m also led to believe on one occasion the polis found one such confiscated banger in a shed owned by the accused.


The story seems to be directed in a very one sided manner. Although the well to do Boyo’s who bought up all the land would always be welcomed.

Whatever the nature of the story, the way he was killed was fairly fucking hot handed and extremely violent in its execution. Manslaughter is fucking hilarious as a conviction.


Some of that is covered in the Irish Times article a couple of posts up.


Seems to be a pretty one sided article but by all accounts the deceased sounds like a right cunt. Didn’t deserve to die the way he did but he obviously took pleasure in tormenting people and was of a bad mind by the sounds of things.


It’s peculiar how neighbours could sit in a Courtroom and testify of how the man fired shots over them but did they not report this highly unlawful matter?
You would be confident making such a complaint considering his previous history in relation to firearms misdemeanours would have made an easy case for Cops.
You would usually be watched like a hawk and the law layed down to you as to your behavior thereafter.

Something smells rotten here regardless.


On the face of it it’s an horrendous crime but I know lads like the deceased is painted as. Bad mind and may as well be talking to a child trying to reason with them. If the crow banger bit is true then he deliberately mentally tortured that man for years out of pure ignorance and badness. Horrific way to go all the same.


Agreed, there was blackguarding undoubtedly occurring.

The action taken though was horrendous. I can’t get my head around any excuse for it.


A reputable publication. My man with local knowledge assures me there is a long and protracted back story to this sad tale.


It was a murder trial.


Of course he shouldn’t have killed him, there were many ways he could have got even over the years but when your dealing with a deranged fella with nothing to lose then choas ensues.

A bag of rats fired down the cunts chimney, a pigs head in his silage pit, a drop of Tom cats piss in his sheep sheds… A few or a combo of these would have worked I’d suggest. Worst came to the worst you could rent the adjoining field to a few tinkers and let them ‘pull in’ for a few months.


Would you have many bags of rats sitting idly by for instances like this?


A bag of rats can be easily rounded up this time of year


It’s not clear what you’re suggesting. Are you suggesting that the judge, guards, state solicitor and prosecuting barristers in addition to the national media are all engaged in a massive co-conspiracy for some unclear but deeply disturbing reason to minimise the sentence thus rocking the very foundations of this republic?

Or is it possible in any small way that having involved themselves in every detail of the case they reached the appropriate conviction and sentence in line with the evidence and previous case law/sentencing guidelines?


The Tom cats piss in the sheep sheds has given me a nice chuckle,
I’ve no idea what it does but you won’t mind if I add it to the Limousin bullock reference the next time I have a poke at the TFK pretend farmer gang?


If some cunt had a crow gun beside my house I probably would have a few.


Could you explain, for the sophisticated urbanites?


provocation is a partial defence and can reduce murder charge to manslaughter which it did here. DPP refused to accept a manslaughter plea

Provocation defence is controversial and law reform commission called for reform of it in 2003


I’d say the very fact he used a teleporter as a weapon leads to a manslaughter conviction. Nobody is going to plan a murder and have that as the weapon of choice. I’d say there was very little forethought put into this.


6am the one near me was going off this morning.