Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later


how close to your gaff?


Ah it’s off in the distance, but I can hear it clearly. It was more likely my daughter kicking me in the head that woke me.

There are plenty of houses much closer to the direction it’s coming from, I can’t imagine they are too happy.


A crow banger is a cunt of a thing, and its only a cunt who would operate one close to a residential home. Ramming him through with a teleporter a few times is probably a tad too far, and a death no man should suffer, but I’d still have certain sympathy for the convicted. We never know what a mans trigger is, best we don’t act like a cunt and find it out.

Its why I always wonder at lads sitting on horns in a car in traffic when some fella steps out of line, you truly dont know who you’re dealing with, or what sort of day that lad is having. Vice versa too of course.


I’d question a crow bangers effectiveness as well. Crows are crafty fuckers. They’d realise soon enough there’s no wallop to go with the bang and might fuck off for a few minutes after a bang, but they’d be back until the next one.


Ah they work alright, you just need to be out there from time to time with the shotgun. That way they can’t tell the difference.


This lad deserved everything he got from what I can see.


I was driven mad with the neighbors lailandi trees there for a long time. The garden was in perpetual darkness. I even wrote to John Gormley when he was the Minister to see if he would regulate them but the useless cunt “the Minister has no cplans to deal with this issue at this point in time”. My pleas to the neighbor fell on deaf ears. But happily time cures all ills and the neighbor died of natural causes and I did a deal with the new owners to cut them down and share the cost.


What has driven you to quit the Guards mate?


He shot a traveller in the foot


I was chatting to a quite eminent pal of mine, a half Irish, gold hearted but bad tempered pillar of the community got in an altercation a year or two back with some yob (who blocked his car in in a pub carpark and refused a polite request to let it out) it escalated quickly and my pal ended up dragging your man outside and punching him til he started crying and moved it.
Once he had calmed down, my pal thought he’d better inform the local police, many of whom he knows quite well. They gave him a bollocking, assured him that they would lose any cctv of the incident if it was ever reported (it wasn’t), but warned him that anyone behaving like that was automatically proven to be an oddball, and a similar type of incident the previous week had ended up with the oddball following the other lad home and burning his house down.
Their basic point was that in life you insulate yourself from random psychopaths and nut jobs. On the road you could be dealing with any kind of psycho.


you sound as if you move in dodgy circles at times. Would you know Mike Mullen in Gorton at all? I spent a lovely evening in his establishment in Gorton long ago


And a travellers dag


Ah they work well.


I wouldn’t tbh though I go through Gorton of a Tuesday


Urban Ireland is stranger again .


The vulcan is his place. or used to be.

Gorton is rough as fuck


You kind of cease to notice tbh. Two thirds of Manchester is like that. Generally, if you mind your business you don’t get any bother no matter where you are.


they’d say mither.

have they stopped the random muggins in the city centre? the place was full of toe rags the last time I was there.


I’m aware of that but if a lad snapped & threw a few punches which inadvertently caused some to fall, hit their head and then die.

Repeatedly ramming a car with a Telehandler seems to exceed the normal threshold of provocation imo.


On a lesser scale I had an incident with builders who were doing a job on the next door neighbour’s house a few years ago. Long story short, they made a balls of the job and were working morning, noon and night trying to fix the fuck up. This meant starting at 7 in the morning and working up until midnight almost every day, weekends included. Kango hammers and drills going 16 hours a day for about 10 weeks. Myself and a few of the neighbours were being driven demented. We repeatedly asked them to be reasonable and start a little later and finish a bit earlier at the weekends but were more or less told to fuck off-they were two gurriers which didn’t help things. Anyway about 9:30pm on a bank holiday Sunday night I cracked, ran in next door, shouldered in the front door and grabbed one of them up by the throat and threatened to slit his throat if he didn’t fuck off home right there and then. I’ll never forget the shock on his face as he obviously didn’t hear me come in. 10 minutes later back in the house I couldn’t believe I’d done it and it felt like I’d blacked out.

The point is there’s only so far you can push people before getting a reaction and there’s no telling what that reaction will be.