Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later


That did happen.


The Oirish are fierce odd when it comes to land and property. You could insult a farmers wife in the pub he wouldn’t give a shit but make some claim about his land and he will go off the rails


Could you though?


I killed a man once


How many years ago?


I shot a man in 1998.


Such a feeling of power. Godlike.


Did you pay for a new door you gurrier?


I’d only go into the centre to go to a band or a show these days. It’s rough enough but the cctv has greatly reduced random crime. There’s a lot of drunken yobs about. Gorton feels safer tbh.


Did he come back with bad breath and blue eyes?


No. He was proper dead. I lost a part of me that day.


Either 3 or 4, pal. May bank holiday weekend, 2014 or 15, I can’t recall now.


No the door wasn’t locked there was just a load of crap behind it. I didn’t break the door.


Fair play mate.

I am sure they were reasonable then.


If you’ve ever completely lost it, full red mist job, you’d understand how it could happen. I lost it completely on the job one night and gave a scumbag an awful hiding. Lasted a good 3 minutes before I got hold of myself. I could have killed him not a bother.


@Horsebox conveniently leaves out the last part of the story where he tentatively knocked on the door the next morning and handed over a box of Roses and a homemade apple tart by way of apology.


Good on you mate. I imagine the line “assailant tried to escape and fell down a flight of stairs” was mentioned in the report.


Id say he was on the way over to remonstrate with yer man, to really speak his mind for once, and as he pulled into the yard low and behold a shrill noise did he hear, ricocheting around his cranium, and soul… The final fatal crow banger… Nevermore


I still haven’t fully recovered from that