Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later


more likely “suspect resisted arrest and attempted assault on arresting officer. arresting officer used reasonable force as per NFAOTP”


This isn’t your first rodeo pal


:grinning: They were about another 2 weeks finishing up so I had to keep up the pretence every time I saw either of them by giving them the death stare while thinking inside that I probably shouldn’t have threatened to slit his throat. But it worked and the 2 lads worked reasonable hours for the last 2 weeks.


I slammed a door at work last Friday. Really really loudly.


it’s alright, it’s padded, and it’s cute you think you’re at work


This is the first time you’ve mentioned it?
And most of the lads here can’t even have a pint or get out of bed early without broadcasting it




That was a lovely pint though,


Graham Dwyer will be out soon and back on the prowl on


2 clicks already. How long before all the deviants on here see the post and click into the site?


He’s one step closer anyway


I came across this case recently, Mad stuff.


Not worth a fuck. Crows and pigeons soon get used to them and will roost over them.


Is the teleporter the murder weapon of choice in Mexico now?


I suppose by their very nature they can pop up anywhere.