Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later


It’s not like Cork people to jump to hasty conclusions.


Some poor bastard was hit by a cab in the early hours of last Saturday morning near the airport here in Cork — Cab kept going and the rumour is he was rolled over by another couple of cars who didnt see him …


Is that confirmed?


The hit and run part yes - caught the cabbie later - second part unsure.


Seems a bit hasty, Kevesque.


Appears he was stopped randomly by the cops at a checkpoint and they saw the damage to car.


Yesh v odd. If you read the sequencing of eoin english tweets thats how it appears to me anyway


Doctor found not guilty of son’s (3) murder by reason of insanity


Awful putting up with that shite


Most women either get off or manslaughter



Let me guess, it was a man wot done it.

Sex of peace, or something.


Some inconsistency on his age but you have the gender right at least it appears


Decapitated apparently


I bet you were mildly aroused as you typed that.


Don’t be projecting your vile fantasies on me esé


I’m not projecting anything, pal - I’m just puzzled as to why you’d come on here telling everybody that a woman had been decapitated as if you were breaking some sort of exclusive news like a transfer “in the know”, almost as if you were weirdly fascinated and titillated by such.


Classic projection


Go and look at a few decapitation videos to calm yourself down, there, mate.


I’m sure you’ve links there handy.