Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later


Getting caustic girls


Another TFK exclusive by @Copper_pipe


Not a murder but close enough


Drink again,awful outcome for that poor guy





Perhaps the man feels this is a case of “justified killing” rather than murder here?

After all, when justification is based on nothing other than personal bias, one can justify anything.


I love the use of the word battered in this article. We don’t see it used enough nowadays when describing someone beating the shit out of another fella.

Some choice individuals here.


Could they not just build a cage and put all these boys in it together. Just googled that Dumbrell guy too. He’d be another candidate. All these cunts, throw them all in together and last man standing gets the chair (electrified).


We’re too soft


A Hunger Games style competition. Put in on RTE1 after the watershed. Ratings through the roof. Cost of keeping these lads in jail drops. Crime down. Everyone’s a winner.


I’ve never watched that but get an idea of it from that. Sounds good!



Let that be a warning to ye lads


What warning?
Keep the Mrs well serviced in case she decides to have a seedy affair?


Bit hard to service her when you’re dead bud


Someone’s feeling insecure about not fulfilling his marital obligations :thinking::open_mouth:


Not at all worried about the marital obligations, more worried about taking on too much extra curricular activity


Pretty horrendous to have all of that dragged up and aired in public as well as the murder itself.