Murders in Ireland


There’s been some real belting cases before the courts in recent months and there’s another one just started yesterday about a lad who drove over another lad in Arklow.

Also, check out these loonballs in Ennis - one brother killed the other for calling him ‘Paddy Pudding’ after they got locked and started knocking the shit out of each other. From the Indo:

Dad-of-four stabbed older brother to death

By Abigail Rieley

Tuesday April 08 2008

A FATHER of four stabbed his 30-year-old brother to death in the street after he was taunted with a childhood insult.

And yesterday he was found guilty of manslaughter, but not of murder.

Charlie McDonagh of Bridge Court, Roslevan, Ennis, had been drinking with his brother-in-law, Anthony Ward, for most of the evening before being joined by his 27-year-old brother, Patrick a jury in Dublin Central Court heard yesterday.

Later that evening the pair clashed again.

But this time Patrick McDonagh had a knife and stabbed his brother. Charlie received 12 knife wounds and died a short time later from a stab wound to the stomach.

Mr Justice Paul Carney remanded Mr McDonagh on continuing bail until his sentencing in May.


Wards and McDonaghs. Add Cash and Connors to those and you’d have a right session.


Cracking Crime is one of the most confusing titles for a programme ever…

It usually focuses on cases of missing people where the crime hasn’t actually been cracked. Then last week they had a case of a Chinese guy who killed a Chinese couple and was caught entering the building where it happened at the time it happened on CCTV when he said he was at home. Also his fingerprints were found all over the rope used to strangle them. Well done at ‘cracking’ it lads…


This Arklow one seems to be a case of lads acting hard after a bit of nightclub posturing:

Car flipped victim into air, murder trial told

By Nicola Boyes

Wednesday April 09 2008

A man on trial for the murder of a 21-year-old deliberately drove his car at the victim, flipping him so high in the air he was level with the rooftops of the buildings, a court heard yesterday.

Anthony O’Reilly (22) with an address at Cleggan Park, Ballyfermot, Dublin, is charged with the murder of Daniel McDonald on Main Street, Arklow, Co Wicklow, on February 2, 2007.

Mr O’Reilly has pleaded not guilty to murdering Mr McDonald, dangerous driving causing death and intentionally or recklessly grabbing the steering wheel of Jenny Tobin’s car, causing it to swerve in the direction of Mr McDonald.

The Central Criminal Court in Dublin heard that Mr O’Reilly and Mr McDonald had been fighting in Rascals nightclub earlier in the evening and after two further incidents outside the club, Mr McDonald, from Cherryhill, Arklow, was struck by Mr O’Reilly’s red Honda Civic.

Witnesses told the jury Mr O’Reilly ran and got in a black car after he was thrown out of the nightclub by bouncers.

Mr McDonald followed and tried to kick him through the open passenger window of the car but got his foot stuck and was dragged up the street until he rolled off.


The car drove off but returned a short time later. Mr McDonald’s friend, Glen Murphy, said he saw a shirtless man in the passenger seat try to push the steering wheel of the black car in their direction before it drove off again.

Mr Murphy told the court the next thing he saw was a red Honda Civic coming up the street, sounding like a boy racer.

“It was like something you see on Mondello, you’d have to pay to do them kind of speeds,” Mr Murphy said.

He said Mr O’Reilly, who he saw driving, gave them the fingers and drove off, but then he heard the car coming back.

Mr McDonald told him he was going to wave the car down and get it to stop.

Fixated on the speeding car, Mr Murphy said he watched it come back up the street on the correct side of the road and realised that it was not going to stop.

“I just shouted Saca (Mr McDonald’s nickname), get out of the way. As I shouted it, I could just see the car going bang,” Mr Murphy said.

He said he saw the driver deliberately swerve the car on to the wrong side of the road to hit Mr McDonald.

“The car hit Daniel and it hit him so hard, I still have nightmares,” Mr Murphy said. “I remember seeing Daniel being flipped in the air. He was hit that hard that he had come level with the top of the pub’s roof.”

He said Mr O’Reilly got out of the red car and “legged it”.

The jury is expected to see CCTV footage of Mr McDonald being struck by the Honda Civic.

The trial is expected to take 10 days.


I blame the Sopranos.


I blame all the scumbags from Dublin being re-housed in Arklow!


Thats what us Dubliners were secretly doing. House prices were falsely inflated thereby making it impossible for scumbags to get a house in our Capital.


Scum bags don’t buy houses Flano, they get rent allowance in Tallaght and Ballymun etc.


Oh yeah but they can stay the fook there in a big group together. When the time comes for the final solution it will be easier to get rid of them.


I thought the final solution was putting them in Cholera ridden flats in Ballymun! What else do they (The Stonemasons) have planned?


Heres a complete mental case of murder

The murderer is thought to have a purple haze in his brain.


[quote=“Flano”]Heres a complete mental case of murder

The murderer is thought to have a purple haze in his brain.[/quote]

He also thought he was a world class golfer and “they” were going to build him a golf course on the grounds of the central mental hospital!

Personally I’m scared of mentallers, that’s two murders now that I can think of in the last year. Remember the chap who was down in Dublin for a stag do or something like that and got killed going in to his mate’s apartment?
They should be away from the general public is my opinion. There’s a chap around Dalkey and I swear he’ll do something bad someday, even though everyone says “ah, he’s harmless”. He’s a big muscley fooker through spells in prison/whatever and seems anything but harmless to me. He’s barred from every pub and homeless shelter in the area for cripes sake.


Can’t see the link in work - is that the lad who battered his uncle in Raheny? In fairness, he did look like a mentalist alright. Saw him on the news last night - he had curly and fuzzy long ginger hair and was wearing a red Calloway Golf peak cap.


Another interesting one here and I’ve heard a few rumours about it. From RTE:

Husband on trial for wife’s murder

A 40-year-old man has gone on trial in the Central Criminal Court for the murder of his wife.

John O’Brien, a bus driver with an address in Ballinakill Downs, Co Waterford, denies murdering Meg Walsh on a date between 1 and 15 October 2006.

Meg Walsh was 35 years old.


yeah that trial started today alright. Think it will be again similar to the Joe O Reilly case with mostly circumstantial evidence. Setting my stall out early, I reckon he’ll get done for it.


The stories I heard were that they had an open relationship and slept in separate rooms on and off. It then got to the stage where your wan was bringing back blokes to the gaff after nights out and your man just snapped one night after one of her gentlemen friends had left the house. Another case based on a lot of circumstantial evidence alright.


close enough to what I have been hearing, more of a swingers thing tho rather than being open. They were out for drinks, and herself, O’Brien and another lad went back to the house. Yer man was shown to a spare room and was to stay there, but O’Brien caught the 2 of them kissing and ran yer man out of the house. She wasnt seen alive after this. She told people in work to call the guards if she wasnt in work on the monday after the weekend. She knew he was a psycho ready to go mental at her, why she kept winding him up and didnt just leave and stay alive. Her car was moved to the Uluru car park then, with blood stains, and while they have cctv, as far as I know, it doesnt make out who moved it. Dont think there is much doubt around here about it tho.


You said yourself that the person who moved the car can’t be seen, therefore an element of doubt must exist.


yeah true enough, but thats only one small piece of it all. And as well as that, the only 2 sets of keys for it were with O’Brien afterwards. Still doubt obviously but I dont know how much will be there at the end of it all.


Sounds like a cracking case - looking forward to seeing how it develops. There’s been some smashing cases in the Irish courts recently.