Murders in Ireland


Fuckin hell


How the victim got from St. Catherine’s Park to the derelict house, and whether she was alive when this happened, will be key.

In normal circumstances you’d have to go out onto the Lucan-Clonee road but it looks like there may be a back route through a field.

The Lucan-Clonee road is in the opposite direction to Ana’s home in Leixlip so I feel it’s unlikely she went that route voluntarily.


I suspect that may not be the end of that particular line of inquiry.

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Memories of the tragic Karen Buckley case come to mind here.

Is it really possible that another male came on the scene after these guys left the park and killed Ana?


Of course it’s possible, but it’s highly unlikely, you’d think.

The most obvious line of inquiry is generally where the answer lies.


One article mentioned the distance between the 2 places was 1km by road but only 500m across a field, or the other way around. Seemed to read like they definitely went across a field.


Sickening murder of that poor girl. Hopefully the gardai catch whoever is responsible soon.

If it is a bully or bullies hopefully the gardai catch them soon before they think they got away with it and do it again. Even though if it is bullies i expect them to be caught over the weekend.


I’m pretty familiar with the area and have travelled on the Lucan-Clonee road many times, probably at least 200 times. It’s a busy road, especially between 5 and 7 in the evening. New overspill estates have been built on the North bank of the Liffey and adjoin the road up to the turn off for St. Catherine’s Park. It’s a sort of urban meets rural road. Drivers would easily remember seeing anything strange on the footpath (which is only on one side - the far side to St. Catherine’s Park) if something did happen there.

I’d be amazed if the field wasn’t used to move the victim to the derelict house. The route looks obvious.

I always think of Leixlip as a grand spot. It has a lovely village which always seems thriving and it’s a good place to socialise in. But like everywhere, you never know what sort of stuff lies beneath the surface as regards individuals living there. It was the scene of one of the weirdest stories I can ever remember back in 2000.


I have family living in the area but wouldn’t be at all gone on the village at all. Maynooth is much superior.

I see the Indo is reporting that one of the boys questioned in the Ana murder is claiming he was assaulted by two men. That is worrying if true but equally if it’s untrue as is shows how easily a 13 year old boy can lie.


They can lie at a lot younger


The story floating around the school is that she was with a group of boys and one of the boys’ stories doesn’t match the others. The others are saying they left her with him. She was possibly shifting the lads in the park, not 100% sure, obviously I’m not attacking her reputation for a moment but she was considered sexually very mature for her age. There’s also a feeling in the school that that lad is a bit of a weirdo or the most obviously “suspect” personality. The others are considered to be nice enough lads. Also that boy apparently turned up for school with bruises on the Tuesday. Also that lad is physically big. Also, as I understand it she disappeared on a Monday, the body was found on Thursday, the boys were all interviewed and then items of the girl’s clothing turned up in various locations around the park on the Friday. That might indicate that one of the boys they interviewed had clothes and panicked.

But presumably the forensics will decide all this. When they find the perpetrator it should be open and shut because probably finger prints on the bricks and stones used to kill her. Also she fought hard for her life so there’d probably be signs of a struggle.

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Were they goths?

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Woman reportedly abducted on the road south of Enniskerry yesterday evening.


Not for this thread mate…yet anyway


Isn’t that in the same area that a certain person used to operate in?


Where are you getting all that from?


A guy known as a good gga man in his parish?


He would’ve used GAA colours as tools of his trade.

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This 13 year old that was beaten by 2 men when Ana went missing, did he not report this to the Gardai? Surely he would have told his folks to men beat him up and they woukd report it, even more so when the news broke that Ana was missing?


I think they know it’s him and he is fucked

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