Murders in Ireland


Of course not, a nonsense argument.

But what triggers children to do these horrific deeds?


They did a lot worse.


Thanks for clearing that up pal.


Well not until they hit eighteen and went to Russia.


Just a wrong ‘un


Ah for fucks sake Juhy, you’re better than that.


@TheUlteriorMotive latest cause has moved from Paddy Jackson to how sound this 13 year old killer actually is


Go and creep on kids in football kits




You’re wrong. Roughly 2% of the population are psychopaths, although only a small percentage of them are violent. They are most certainly born like that as it’s genetic, their brains are wired differently.

Not saying this lad is a psychopath but it’s hard to imagine someone doing that who isn’t.


I’m not saying it’s not a horrendous murder, just that automatically blaming the parents is wrong. And a bit lazy.


Kiddie fiddler


Sure society in the free state has now chosen to be allowed kill their unborn children and you seem surprised parenting is fucked?

You are terribly blinkered.

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Give it a rest ffs.


Sometimes you just don’t know who the weirdos are. The Golden State killer recently caught was an adult cop who committed some of his acts when he had children. Nobody knew the BTK killer was such a weirdo until he slipped up.

On the flip side, there’s a child of a politician in serious trouble at the moment over something. Very respectable family, kid is bright but considered to be odd.


You can have good families, great normal kids and one id be in the nurture over nature camp. A childhood trauma, or a slight that they weren’t resilient enough to handle, that spirals maybe


The green party guy?


It’s not an either or, everything to do with personality is a mix of both nature and nurture. Nurture is definitely a factor, and is undoubtedly one reason for extreme violence, as a lot of abusers were abused themselves. Psychopaths have faulty brain wiring though, that’s purely genetic.


But is every violent killer a psychopath? And what about brothers who grew up in roughly similar circumstances, nature same, nurture, even just slightly different to be enough. (unless they are by nature in some way less able to handle adversity/abuse etc)