Nba 2010

The Celtics opened their season last night by putting Miamis big three back in their any, 88-80, especially that punk LeBron James even if he did escape the Garden with in excess of 30 points. But it was all about the Celtics Rondo (with 17 assists), Pierce and Glen Baby Davis who dropped 13 from the bench. Hon the Celtics.

Not a sport

Meant to call the thread 2010-2011, Bandage would you mind making the change when you get an opportunity? Yours in disliking LA


Just can’t help yourself, intent on ruining every thread on this forum with your perceived conflict. Pathetic and laughable in equal measures. Hon the Celtics.

Knicks fan signing in. Fuck the Celtics.

Take that ye Knicks fuckers. Hon Rondo.

Paul Pierce hits his 20,000 NBA point last night :clap:

This makes him only the 36th player to reach thus milestone and the 3rd Celtic to do it, joining Havlicek and Bird by doing it all at Boston.

He joins Garnett, Allen and Shaq as current Celtics in the 20K club. Celtics won 105 102 against the Bucks.

Hey Mick Jones, fuck you and your Knicks :stuck_out_tongue: 4-zip in the Series, Celtics march on to take on those whiney bitching Heat in the next round.

Great to see Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen rolling back the years, Garnett looking especially sharp in the the games I saw against the Knicks. Rondo again looked different class.

Fuck you and the horse you rode in on. Melo, Billups and Amare will fuck you all up next season. Miami will take care of your Celtics, Rose and the Bulls will then put them to bed before beating Lakers in 5 in the finals. Move this to betting thread if you want. Over and out, MJ.

James, Bosh and Wade will be crying in the locker rooms again before the series is over. They’ll implode I tells ya, implode. Just need to somehow get a dozer to push Shaq out onto the court :unsure:

As for next season, you lot will have to hold onto Billups first.

So long Spike…

The Lakers are being dumped out 4-0 by Dallas. :blink:

Ah lovely, 4 zip! Take that ye Laker cunts :clap:

FFS - Clarkeys topic on audio books was even more popular than this crap

Fuck off and talk shite about horses there like a good man.

Kinda sad to see them go out like this, it’s like Kilkenny getting dumped by Clare or something.

Heat looking good for the Chship despite themselves, they should be able to work the hype to their advantage now with the Lakers gone, Celtics and my beloved Bulls, even with MVP Derrik Rose, lacking the firepower of Heat’s, Wade, James and Bosh.
Boozer has been nothing short of shite in the post-season, nearly as bad as LA’s Gasol

Wouldn’t write off the Celtic’s just yet, they’ve been there and done it before and are very strong mentally. The trade of Perkins made no sense at the time and even less sense now though. However they handled the Heat nicely in the Garden on Saturday night and will do so again tonight I’d imagine. We’ll see then what sort of bottle the Heat have.

I see Rose got League MVP, rightly so, he’s just been ridiculously good this season.

So much for that, Heat win game 4 in overtime in Boston and with Rondo’s dislocated elbow, its looking very bad for the Celtics.

On Rondo, I watched game 2, he dislocated his elbow in the 2nd, and cam back out to play one handed for some of the 3rd and most of the 4th, scoring two baskets to boot. A phenomenal act to be fair to him as he could barely lift his left arm in any way shape or form. I imagine adrenaline got him through that game, but it didnt go so well for him last night.

On another note, Shaq played a bit the other night for the Celtics, 39 years of age, and his body has given up on him. Sad to see him go out this way.

Back to Miami now, gonna be tough from here, but here’s hoping. All about 18.

Knicks and Nets give me high fives.

Been storing that one up a while there, Mac.

Oh it’s on.