NBA Free Agency

Anyone interested in this? I remember a decent thread on the NCAA stuff a while back. I’d love to see one out of Wade/LeBron (+ Bosh most likely) at Chicago. Would certainly spice things up in the NBA.

If Jeezys payin’ LeBron I’m payin’ D’Wayne Wade.

I wish I’d watched some of the playoffs this year, getting quite interested in the whole basketball thing.
LeBron being a free agent is interesting. heard talk a few months back that he might (stress might) be heading to my beloved Knicks…but that was probably bull.
Would love to also play the sport, but there’s no decent courts about that are free near me. Shooting hoops whilst also shooting the breeze is a very admirable activity.

That said my beloved Knicks just landed Stoudemire…

Why won’t LEBron play in the City?

Because the City is Ne Yawk.

On a related note Jay Z is such a lucky bastard.

Well he is yeah but he could do a lot better than that Beyonce yoke.

Wind up spotted off the port bow Captain!

Beyonce is over rated. Flano is spot on here.

Hang on now lads. I’m not saying she’s the greatest ever, but she’s still fairly deadly. Plus he has millions of dollars.

True enough, Jay Z might have got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one. Still she aint all that.

But she is most of that.
Also this is an NBA thread lads. Sort yourselves out here, make some serious life decisions.

Would you fuck off , if she was battered to fuck with shovels she would still out do any yolk from Laois…

Of course she would, its fucking Laois you’re talking about!

Still, Jay Z is shopping in a different supermarket. He could do better than Beyonce.

Don’t get me wrong, te emidwife would have to lash me off her with the cattle prod, but while I am independently wealthy, I aint no Jay Z.

In fairness she looks like she’s been beaten black and blue but without the blue part :smiley:

It has been long established Flano is not a fan of the darkies

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