Been watching this since you brought it to my attention. It’s top notch.


Just finished it. Cracking show.

Bill Tench :ronnyroar:


Started Lost in Space. Wonderful nerdy escapism so far.


Battle of Dak To :open_mouth:


Almost finished the staircase on Netflix. I’ve found it brilliant. Anyone who liked that making a murderer show would enjoy this too, I think. I was totally unaware of the case and have found the story more interesting not knowing what happens next. So if anyone is going to watch it I would say don’t Google the story beforehand.


Anyone watch Unsolved? Supposed to be decent although I see blindboy tweeting about it…


There is an analysis of the 911 call that is absolutely fascinating. If you want to read more about the case you would do well to go to the malkecrime website. The staircase is very well made but incredibly biased. The French] text will be blurred company admitted as much. I have no doubt in my mind that he is as guilty as sin.


Its another unrale piece of work from americas story teller. One of the first things i ever bought from d’Amazon was a box set of his civil war series, i used to throw it on now and again to relax and experience inner peace hearing him talk about mcclelland being stuck on the peninsula, or bloodshed at bull run.

Were you ever in the parker house in boston pal, i stayed in it a few years back and read up on how malcolm x and the most enlightened one worked there. Then one morning who did i see in the lobby only liberal mayor and galwayman marty walsh doing a presser. Take that you wasp crackers, i thought to myself in that hotbed of socialism.


I’ve only just managed to finish the first episode. Took me four sittings :fearful:. It’s absolutely brilliant.

The French were some cunts.


God be with the days if the sun was shining you were put outside to play


I’m about 4 in. Very hard not to respect the Vietnamese…


I didn’t find anything in those articles convincing at all.

Some of the analysis of the phone call is shite and assumes everyone acts the same way.

The uuuh at the start is completely normal when you’ve just been asked a strangely phrased open ended question.

The please stuff is a reach I think. It’s possible that it’s part of a subbconscious strategy but it’s so heavily relied on.

The not using his wife’s name is a weird argument I think. It wouldn’t sound normal anywhere in that call.

I think the still breathing line is the most unnatural. But on its own it doesn’t say anything other than he was acting stressed.

The one about him being a liar seems to be based on highly generic conclusions drawn from extremely basic psychology. It uses the prosecution claiming he lied as an example of proof that he was a liar. Well they would say that.


Did he do it do you think?


Yes I’m almost through it now quite good


The counter culture and anti war footage as you move through the Vietnam series is great. That’s when the music really kicks in.

cc @Fagan_ODowd


Cheers pal. I’ve watched the first two episodes.


Any good? Was thinking of starting it later


Yes it is so far.


I watched the first episode last night. I was half cut but I enjoyed it a lot. I was pretty ignorant of the life of Ho Chi Min but I’ll be reading up on him in work tomorrow.


I see there is a fly on the wall documentary following Juventus last season on Netflix. Anyone watch it yet?

Last chance u back next friday :ronnyroar: