Summat to watch on netflix like.


Two episodes into Punisher, enjoying it - easy watching after a long day


She’s gotta lotta moxy, I’ll give her that.


Helluva concept. Musta been an editing nightmare


Not the right thread but anyone watching True Detective? Better than the second season anyway


Yeah watching, a very slow burner - I can’t make out what Purple mumbles half the time


Ya all building to a big twist I assume. I’m willing to hang in for the ride, so far anyway


Yeah the latest episode was probably the best so far


I’m enjoying it. The black lead fella is a superb actor, and his wife in the show is unrealable. A real slow burner as @RayDonovan says and indeed it looks rife for a big twist at the end. It couldn’t but be better than the second season but season one remains one of the most underrated TV i’ve seen ever.


How many episodes so far. I will wait for completion before joining


It looks absolutely dogshit.


It’s very, very, very weird


RR Martin is a spent docket.


Finished Russian Doll. Lyonne is excellent in it, well executed, if a little strange of an ending. Still, it was always gonna be difficult tie up but worth a viewing nonetheless.

On True Detective, very enjoyable so far, but will all depend on what way the twist lands. Actors are very good. Genuinely didn’t recognise Dorff for the first episode.


Really enjoying The Kominsky Method. Douglas is a class act.


Fun easy to watch show. Alan Arkin makes it @chocolatemice


Yup , worth a watch.


Yes mate!


Watched Fyre there tonight. Thanks for the heads up mate.