New around here

Are ye well lads?

Im TTBM but you can call me Dave

What’s your county Dave?

I hail from Sligo. Tis a lovely awl part of the country. What about yours?

I’m from Limerick

Would you be a regualr in the Velvet Room Dave?

Narra I wouldnt.

I dont be in Sligo much at all these day.

Tis a fierce shook country lads with the recession.

How’s she cuttin Dave?

Do you ever use Teabags when doing a days hard labour in the bog Dave?

Use them for wha?

What would you normally use Teabags for?

Ah gwan off will ye

Nawful messer you are

Dave, what first attracted you to tfk?

Dave can the Limerick footballers cover the handicap of of 6pts tomorrow evening??

Ah a mate of mine is a mod and he invited me onto it because he said it was getting a bit quiet and needed a bit of giddee up

Fuck up. Cunt.

I wont mention his name, but he’s from Wexford, fat and lives in his parents dungeon. He also eats doritos and maintains a world-of-warcraft diary.

ttbm is pukes worse multi yet

I just climbed off your auld wan

i just took my cock out of your dads ear