New Jersey GAA

It was tastefully done

Not sure how @myboyblue will square this


james mcavoy split GIF
He’ll be fine

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I agree but the three Stripes are stunning

This is far far worse


Wooly would want to have a good look at his “hairstyles” before slagging off a jersey.

This was the nadir of Laois jerseys

It could have been one of the best.

What is that?

God help the Morans, they cant get anything right

Sponsor ruins it

Horrible again. The Sports Direct logo is aids.


Needs the three stripes over the shoulder.

I dunno. I kind of like the sleeves. Sponsor is awful though.

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Very little they can do with it tbh, the Sports Direct logo is genuinely something you would throw together in five minutes in MS Paint. It might be one of the few examples where it would look marginally better if they used the sponsors actual colours instead of changing to fit the jersey.

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True enough. I can see Ashley being the type to be too mean to pay a designer a few hundred quid to do one and gave it to a nephew/niece to do etc.

It’s supposed to be = to demonstrate a commitment to equality or something.

Breaking down barriers
The new Sports Direct brand has equality and inclusivity at its heart. Sport is the great equaliser, so we give people the confidence to be who they are ­­– whatever their sport, whatever their style.

This bold new positioning needs a bold new mark. One powerful enough to sit alongside the likes of the swoosh and the three stripes.

Our ‘equaliser’ mark stands for inclusivity – a confident and single-minded equals sign that enables and empowers. A powerful brand reinvention.


Roger Sterling didn’t die for this.

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