New Music

Any recommendations??

The last 2 albums i got and loved were, Bruce Springsteen’s “Magic”
and WindMills “Puddle city racing lights”

Stick westlife up your hole Flano, i am not interested in sharing in your gay tendencies you Jobby Jabber!!

Try a band called I am Kloot, they’re kind of like the Coral, if you’re into that. I’m also currently listening to the Who a lot and they’re great.

What the fuck, me and Flingo are strictly rock folks. You better go and fook before I eat you Chocolate Mice, are you white, black or darko choco?

What the fook? I’ll melt the fooker down and mould him into a tasty dildo for his ma.

White…any good new rock/indie bands for me??

The Ruby Suns - Sealion.

They’re playing Crawdaddy tomorrow night too. Should be good.

That’s okay, your white so your worth talking to (I’m not a big fan of milk chocolate, I actually find it a contradiction)! I haven’t heard a proper new indie band since Hot Chip, the Pigeon Detectives might be worth a listen to, they were on J. Holland but I didn’t catch much.

Listen to Deshonos.

Not bad Flano, maybe i judged you too soon??

Flano go and fook yourself, Denohopes more like, pack of scrufy bastards!

Damon Alburns Solo Album

[QUOTE=“Kinvara’s Passion, post: 936925, member: 686”]Damon Alburns Solo Album
Downloaded it to the phone a while ago and shall listen to it in the sun.

Mellow enough stuff so far, so your giddiness could suffer.

Is it anything like Parklife?

I am only 2 songs in mate… on a call here till 3.30pm so will be back on then and should have a full report by 5pm.

That ok?

[QUOTE=“Kinvara’s Passion, post: 936951, member: 686”]I am only 2 songs in mate… on a call here till 3.30pm so will be back on then and should have a full report by 5pm.

That ok?[/QUOTE]


No chance mate, they’re giving out free samples of whiskey in the airport. 9!

Mellow, unspectacular, may need another few listens. Very like some of the stuff he did with Gorillaz rather than Blur.

Not a friday afternoon album by any means.

The Gloaming have a new album out available to stream Friday.

Great news for middle class professionals with clients. Cc @farmerinthecity

Morrissey has dropped three new tracks onto Spotify. Decent enough.

But the big news is the new album from Tame Impala - The Slow Rush. Know a couple of the tracks already like Boarderline and It Might be Time but so far it’s still up to standard, he’s a great artist.