New site, new forum

Alright most of the work on updating the website and fourm is now complete so let me know if you’ve any comments, criticims, suggestions etc. on how it might be improved.

The forum is now running on the new software and the posting itself and all that end of things seems to be running fine. Not entirely happy with the layout yet (and still need to add option to select your own layout) but most of the features from the old board have been reinstated.

I still need to integrate Personal/Private Messages with the forum but they are always available from the left menu.

Now that the video embedding is back I’ll have a look through the thread on top to see what else I promised I’d look into but most of the forum is hopefully fully functional.

Main Site
Quite an overhaul for the main site which is more around design and layout than any new functionality but hopefully it should result in more content being added and more discussion of that content on the forum. That exclusive from Piper on the Setanta deal should have been on the front page for example.

There may be a problem with the logo area in some versions of Internet Explorer that I’m trying to fix and there are some other tweaks and tools to be added but by and large the design is fine.

In case any of ye didn’t notice (I know Piper didn’t) there are buttons at the top of the page now which allow you to select your own colour scheme for the main part of the site - they do not work on the fourm which is indepentently stylised.

The first set of buttons set the contrast, the next set determine the colour scheme and the final set determines the width of the website on your browser.

therock67 wrote:

That exclusive from Piper on the Setanta deal should have been on the front page for example.

The last thing I would have wanted or want at this stage is more publicity regarding the exclusive story I broke.
The site looks very well now. It has a slick look to it. Well done rock!

I’m assuming you’ll be sorting out the membership level thing and changing it. Im tired of being a “platinum boarder”

Yeah - just need to get another couple of levels created first. Expect the change tomorrow morning.