New Skin Available

Alternative TFK skin is now available from the drop down box.

It’s beautifully titled - Modern Green.

Quite a radical departure so it sort of looks a bit less like a blocky forum. Some will hate that I’d say. Anyway it’s not the default it’s just an option.

If you want to change back to the old skin just hit Skin and Language down near the bottom of the page and select “Basic Green” from the popup window.

Login box and stuff is down the bottom in that skin. Otherwise it’s self-explanatory with menus on the left hand side and you need to access the forums from that menu too. The default view is just to show you new content.

Any comments/suggestions welcome obviously. Don’t intend this being default ever - just an option and it may be a little cleaner for some people in work. Will look just as shit on IE6 as the current browser though.

For a split second i thought this could be the return of hunnish blue,i’m very distraught at tis time. :frowning:

It’s a bit mental but not bad

I’m willing to give this a shot. Its, different…

Not a fan. But while we’re talking about skins and layouts and shit I changed the size of my chat bar to wide the other day and it’s disappeared since I did it. What’s the story?

It’s gone completely?

What browser Flano? Normal skin?

Should be just in the bottom right no? The full bar might not be there anymore if that’s what you’re talking about?

In firefox (just tried Internet Explorere there too). It’s completely gone, no sign of it.

Here’s what the bottom of the page looks like:

Obviously the scroll bar is massive at the bottom now but theres nothing there if you scroll to the bottom right either.

Thanks, I’ll take a look. I think I know what the problem is but can’t fix it here.

What’s that

about too? I don’t get that.

I assumed the 1 and 0 are being displayed in place of the chat bar.

Flano - think you were on an old skin. Is it working for you now? (Links on bottom left will be gone because I felt they were just getting in the way and weren’t of use). Should see chat bar bottom right though.

Yeah it’s working now alright but regarding the old skin thing I changed to Basic Green skin ages ago :blink: Whats changed is the option to change the chatbar theme from “New Facebook” to “extended”.

Yeah sorry I meant an old chatbar skin.

The Facebook extended skin/theme has the bar all the way across and I removed that because I was taking away the links on the left hand side. You were still defaulting to that theme so that’s what was breaking it.

Another new skin available which is a better alternative. It’s cleverly entitled “Dark Skin” which hints at the darker colours involved.

To make everything so much clearer I’ve changed the name of the default skin which was called Basic Green I think and is now called Light Skin

There are a few noteworthy changes:

[]You can choose the secondary colour yourself from the top right of the forum. Adjust the sliders and hit save and the browser will retain your colour setting.
]The default colour code if you want to fit in with everyone else is #528036
[]The post icon on the left hand side is now the avatar of the thread starter
]The threads which have new posts have the brighter avatars. The shaded out ones are where there are no new posts.
[]The login box up the top now slides in so doesn’t load a new page which will be handy for the Brisbane Lion and Gavin and others who are sharing a PC
]Any questions or suggestions, let me know.
[*]A lighter version of this skin is possible if anyone wants it.

I like the new skin Rocko, well done Sir

Thanks RTT. Much prefer it myself. Think it’s a small bit cleaner and neater.

Tip: click inside this box to load the editor

I cant decide on a colour.

Just trying this now, top marks Rocko :clap:

Ah lovely stuff Rocko.

Bandage has his laptop set to mobile skin so that when he logs in on his phone it will be on mobile skin. He did not realise he could have a different skin on each platform. FFS.