New TFK Astro away jersey (season 12/13) - have your say

Following numerous kit clashes over the last 24 months, TFK will be launching the first ever TFK Astro away jersey this fall. This is the fans to have a say in the design of the kit. I’ve arranged for a few samples to be made. We will run a poll when we have four good options. Pick of the bunch so far:

The 4th one is the standout one for me so far. If we all got that in a size small we would look pretty sensational.

Keeper’s kits to come also.

I like the outer right template but would prefer it in Roman colours.

All 4 are average designs, but if I had to choose, it would be the 4th one.

You are the guys that are going to be buying these so we appreciate the feedback.

Nothing has been decided in terms of colors or designs as yet so feel free to critique. The only thing I am sure of is that the new kit will not be DART green or predominantly white.

Second one, with 40 yard Arie Haan-style thunderbolts compulsory.

A few more options that Tinnion asked me to post:

Nothing beats skintight kappa :clap:

I think Bandage could attract a lot of new female fans if we switch to Kappa.

Kappa is the clear frontrunner.

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Kappa and the two orange adidas ones I posted would be the front runners for me at the moment.

I quite like the idea of playing in orange. It brings back memories of the Luton Town FC of my childhood.

If the owners and management want me to leave the football club then I hope they’ll be upfront about it and say it to me instead of forcing my hand via the introduction of skintight Kappa jerseys.

Double post double post.

Those mauve Adidas ones are very smart. If it’s not one of those ones I will be refusing to wear it.