New York City the greatest city on earth?


I certainly will!


No didn’t get around to it man caught a Broadway show The lion king it was brilliant. Gonna head to Coney island and the wonder wheel tomorrow night as a huge Warriors fan it has to be done.


You can have omlette anywhere. Ask for the lobster thermidor. It kicks ass man


Enjoy it pal. You really are coming across as a star struck yokel on your first big trip to the shtates but we were all that soldier once. Dont look directly at anyone on the subway or they’ll kill you.


Hey, he’s from Limerick, they’ll kill you there if you don’t look at them.


It’s happening right now



Keep the pictures coming pal.

Some day im gonna buy an 8 dollar tie off that rack. some day.


Lovely festive decorations.


Shit wifi. Loads of pics to follow the Greek lad is here. The service is sensational. It was worth travelling 3500 miles for ut


Oh yeah!!!


Many in there today mate?






Happy Christmas @Tassotti


Get an omelette mate with fried potatoes on side is my recommendation, put up a few pictures when you can. The hairs are standing up on the back of my neck here.


I wasn’t that hungry. I will go back Tomorrow. Went for pastrami on rye. I’m in the dead rabbit now.



It’s great to be part of a special group of people on TFK. I’m going to get bolloxed now I’m so happy


Welcome back mate, what a return to form. Head down to East Village and hit up a few of the sports bars later, a massive evening of college football, the Oirish getting their holes opened by Clemson at 4 and then the big one, Alabama v Oklahoma at 8.


I headed down to mcsorelys there but it was full of gobshites. I’m trying to find a good British style pub here now.