New York City the greatest city on earth?


This has knocked my sideways.Is @Tassotti real? Does he actually exist?
I heard he was Michael Schumachers confidant.


His sudden departure, and the reasons given- coupled with his buddy’s faux tender valediction, smacked of a kid ending an essay with ‘then I woke up and it was all a dream’.
Maybe tassoti is real and hbv is his creation, or vise versa, or both. I’ve a feeling tracksuit knows.


Scotty’s Scotty’s Scotty’s


New York is hopping lads. The economy is bursting with money. Work going on everywhere and artics delivering stuff 24/7. Every American bursting with pride. This is some country. People are spending money on a savage scale here. President Trump has done some job.


Only thing busting here is the HSE,housing,FG and Leo the Langers ego


New York is a country??


Happy Christmas you are a great man


Got serious coke in The Beauty Bar in Greenwich Village…out of it for days…mad shit done.


Anything worse than getting married and moving to Meath?


Jesus I don’t know. I have to get on the plane again tomorrow. I only came out to go to Scotty’s


I saw a lovely building there. Anyone know what it is?


Well. Spotted


World Trade Center pal.


Fuck off to the Journal comments if you want to post that sort of shite


The Freedom Tower mate, 1 WTC.

It’s a great honor to have a man of your stature visit our great country.


Kisses hugs


I’m recovering from a mental breakdown but I’m feeling strong. I think I need to move to America


America is ripe for you. It’s legs are open. Take it.


Some call them sky scrapers, others refer to them as hi-rise buildings


Its a difficult time of year, Treat each negative thought like a passing cloud mate.