New York City the greatest city on earth?


I opened my legs in central park this morning at half eight. I lifted it. 4 mile in 30 minutes and that was slow.


That Christmas party nearly finished me lads…


It’s behind you now kid.


I thinking of heading out for a weekend in 2019. Would Scotty’s be worth a visit?


You could take a look at New York when you’re visiting scotty’s, it’s in the vicinity


It won’t disappoint. Trust me. A very select group have already verified this. I want you to be part of this group


Will you go to mass in Saint Pats tomorrow?




Loads of young women chatting me up here. I’m loving it. I’m playing the oirish mick off to a tee. The yank women love that shit. I just actually ordered a pint of o’Guinness they fucking lapped it up


Like a J1 student on the hunt for a Green Card, would bring a tear to the eye.


There’s women in their 20’s all over me. I’m fighting them off. This is serious. They are very impressed by my drinking abilities


I’m nearly 42 and have a greying beard. I sort of look like Carl froch and Georg Clooney


American women are serious. There is no messing here or beating around the Bush


Worst case scenario there’s no bush


I had factored in 450 dollars a day minimum but I’ve had to double it, this place is buzzing. Its unreal, it’s unbelievable.


I’m making a call. I’m heading for Lexington Avenue


The way you’re describing it, it’s like being there.


This little holiday your on is the greatest little holiday in the history of tfk.
Thanks for sharing it with us.


It’s like Lewis and Clarke meet Guy Fieri


Head to joes pizza please on the corner of Lexington avenue. Absolutely unreal.