New York City the greatest city on earth?


He’s a Tipp man.


Worth a trip to New York alone. Takes him back up to Midtown as well, some nice British bars there to ease any impending homesickness. The Cock and Bull and Shakespeare are close enough to Joe’s.


Check in @Tassotti, hopefully you didn’t blow that $900 all at once.


Fuck off with your Joes Pizza


Serious twee value in here :smile:





Quite enough this morning.


The omelette and spuds were beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you for changing my life @Smark I’ll write a proper report when I get to a computer


Scotty’s is a way of life


I was thinking the same myself.


I’m compiling a list of forumittes who are in the club. Have I missed anyone?




I had two lovely pints of Guinness there. Up to Woodbury common now for a few bits and pieces




The poster you try to imitate doesn’t even know you exist :rofl:






It’s better when he posts as @Robert_Emmet


Have a great time @Tassotti. I’d recommend going for a jog around the West Village. Start on 6th Avenue and work your way over to the Meatpacking district along West 4th Street. You’ll feel a million dollars with all the good looking women checking you out. Jog down the West Side highway then for a moment of reflection a Ground Zero before coming back up through Soho and on to Greenwich Village.

I miss the city dearly, I haven’t visited in over a year due to health matters, work commitments and family commitments. I love going back and seeing what new sky scrapers have been built and what new bars have opened. It’s a city constantly renewing itself.