New York City the greatest city on earth?


Me, was there in February, the highlight of my time there.


Awful looking shite


@Tassotti I just had a feed in finnegans there, you’ll be glad to know it’s back to its former glory. Twenty minute wait for a table, place was absolutely jammers and the food was daycent


I’m absolutely delighted to hear that. It’s some weekend. Finnegans in Annacotty and Scotty’s Diner still going strong


Who was that ape that was saying the pints are bad in America? I’m on my 5th pint of Guinness here and it’s as good as anything in Ireland or England


He also said that all pints were bad there and not just Guinness. There’s some savage beers on tap, much better than the larger piss served in the UK and Ireland.


Take a trip here if you can for the photo op. I’ll be over there myself in a month.


Classic paddy whack shite. Go to NY and spend it in an Irish pub…?


All these pictures of Scottys is really making me want to visit NYC.

Is there anywhere in Ireland you could get an omlette and chips to recreate the experience?


Omelette and fries potatoes and nobyou can’t. Pay the fare


Spend it on your phone getting very excited about fried potatoes.


Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.


I’ve tried it.


Nowhere comes close. I had the multi cheese omelette this morning at half 7. I didn’t ate another bite till lunchtime


Where’s the pics?


He forgot to post that as @JonSnow


Fried potatoes are available all over north America you fucktard.


Boggers. Think of all the things you could be doing in NYC instead of sitting at a paddy bar getting the ear burned off you by some ignorant mucker from some shithole in ireland pining for home while noting the Guinness is “only ok”…


He’s lost track of the amount of log ins at this stage.


He’s obviously on his own and lonely… He’s doing no harm so let him off.