New York City the greatest city on earth?




If you could recreate a Scottys over here the cash would be rolling in.


William Street could do with it :grimacing:


A new greasy diner. 2000kal a sitting. Be dead at 55 years old.


There’s a place in Ennis out the Quinn road that could do it. The peppermill its called. Top quality grub at affordable prices


New York is Ireland you ignoramus. We built it and run it.


Shit food


Is that the place in the industrial estate across from the Mart?


That’s it. Shit food


Yes. Lovely roast beef.


Be a bit of rivalry for the golden grill and Enzos


You mug.


I’ve had better. The auld fella doesn’t wash his hands either.


The eyetalans and the Jews might have a thing to say about that…
The Paddy seems to think it’s a special breed in the US. “Undocumented”…


When was the last Jew president? Abe Lincoln? How many Italians have been president. Paddy has had 3 (three) in the whitehouse. And counting.
We are the special ones.


This is about NYC though


@buffegan is looking to make the move to New York I believe…


Are they stuck for shepherds?


Quick, someone tweet him about that restaurant the lads get off on shiteing on about here.


I don’t get the fascination with America. I’d much rather a week in Central Europe or the Mediterranean rather than a week in some skyscraper laden, fast food, gun toting city in America.

Irish people have a weird fascination with visiting America. Its odd.