New York City the greatest city on earth?


Well I wouldn’t agree with saying Ireland has some unusual obsession with it. To state that displays a serious ignorance of the world around you.


I’d say it would and you seem to get very tetchy about it. I find it difficult to understand the Irish obsession with America, I found it quite meh myself.


head over heels


Fuuck, you got your iron as well?


California Girls man


Alright, alright, alright.


You’d say that because you’re ignorant of the world around you.

I’d get around and see the influence of US culture around the world and maybe have a look at the visitor numbers to the US.


There you’re going again, getting very testy and offensive because someone thinks America is quite shit and who feels the Irish have a weird obsession with it.


The Wonder Years. Was it Winnie Cooper?


A Latin American version.


I didn’t say anything about America. If you don’t like it, more power to you. But it’s very popular the word over. Stop revealing your nativism here.


That doesn’t tie in with reality mate. You get very testy and highly strung when I said I didn’t like America and find the Irish obsession with it strange. It seems like my opinion was an affront to a yankophile like yourself.


Nope; you can like it or not. You’re just revealing your ignorance about the world in claiming it’s an Irish thing.



Most oirish think a few days in NYC , Boston or San Fran means they have seen America . The real America worth seeing is outside the big cities .


It is an Irish thing. 10,000 Irish illegals in America.


Witnessing this exchange must have been what it was like watching Byrne vs. Fischer back in '56.


Yes I’d agree. Not just an Irish thing though. People the world over are obsessed with New York, Orlando etc. Just the way it is.


Out of something like 11 million, hold the phone.


Yes. Most of them from peasant countries with huge populations. You’re refusing to see this in context because you feel as if you have been dissed by me.


Whereabouts in the US is that?