New York City the greatest city on earth?


Northern California. Almost near Oregon.


@Cicero_Dandi Have you ever been to Uganda? It is beautiful, much nice than America


Not yet, pal.


It’s an insignificant number, that’s what makes the special treatment cry even more cringe.

I don’t see what the relevance of this is? In terms of immigration, the numbers from Ireland have collapsed in recent decades. The majority of new illegals these days are men and women staying over for someone they’ve met.


100%. Some of the landscapes you see in the US are incredible. I’d challenge anyone to tell me something more naturally impressive than the Grand Canyon. Way more to the place than a few concrete jungles


The only ones more mad for the states than the Orish are the Oitalians


Not really, just the Sicilians.




And the Calabrese!!


Wall to wall oitallian joints in Manhattan


Very few owned by Italians though


Like the oirish bars.


That’s the way it’s gone nowadays


The first thing that comes to mind when I think of New York is the Mafia. Says a lot about Italy’s contribution to the New World


Sleazy criminals


We sent our dregs out to America and they took control of it.


The oirish were always involved in law and order and the fire department and construction. Those Italians wouldn’t work to warm themselves


The Irish sent the money home, the Italians gave theirs to the local Don


The white house is full of micks. The prisons are full of Italians


The Italians were discriminated against so they decided they’d take over the illegal side of the states. The Micks were discriminated against so they decided they’d take over the political side of the states. Now the Oirish run America while the Oitalians are back trying to squeeze a few bob out of protection rackets for small businesses, and collecting rubbish because the Mexicans and Colombians have ran em from the drug trade.