New York City the greatest city on earth?


The Sicilians.


The connection between Ireland and America has largely to do with the number of Irish Americans in the US and the influence they have had on American culture. There are 33 million people who identify as Irish American, which makes it joint second on the list of largest ethnic groups by country of origin, tied with Mexico, and only behind ze Germans. Irish people, wherever they live, should be immensely proud of the Irish contribution to the creation of the greatest country the planet has known.


Are they not Italians?


I wouldn’t consider them Italian. They are like the travellers of Italy.


racist, denying their Italianness is the same as Irish people disowning travellers.




Ground breaking insight there


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Americans are obese and gun toting nuts.


Better than the shite we’ve been listening to


Apparently if you wait long enough, night will follow day too


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Map of United States


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We were fairly intensive in the criminal world also,Mr Bulger and co