New York City the greatest city on earth?


Guatemala is definitely a good country but I wouldn’t call it the best on the planet



You’ll get no likes til Scotty’s door is darkened.


Is it very cold altogether? I’m over there next week myself.


I’m back now pal. It was very cold couple of weeks ago for two or three days but mild enough now


Welcome back pal.


Cheers pal. A little vacation is always good.


You might give us the heads up that you’re going the next time. We were worried about you.


Signing in. You can’t bate a proper Reuben.


Oh Jesus not this shit again


Those chips are disgusting. Would you not go to Scottys like a normal person?


Proper ruebens aren’t toasted… Update with scottys pics when available


Only Scottys pics allowed on this thread heading in June myself can’t wait


Rueben sandwiches are often toasted, usually even


I hope we’re not heading for 500 posts on whether a Reuben can be toasted.


I’d be very disappointed if we didn’t.


Toasted or not, its beyond argument that wexford hurling is a joke


Mostly by Canadian wankers, a proper Reuben is grilled.


The ultimate rueben is found in montreal and is far from toasted. I think i hear the worlds most expensive healthcare eating your baby.


New York is the greatest city in the world…