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What happened in the States fellas, our newest member seems to be on a full on love assault of late?

I heard a rumour(benshermin pm’ed me) that flano was held down by Cesc4 and Jugs and given the mother of all pink bellies by Bandage and has been a broken man ever since

Thats outstanding “tec” work there pukey. Well done.

Feel free to lock this thread now bando seeing as we’ve sorted it all out.

I refer you to



[quote=“Flano”]I refer you to



Sorry, I dont speak spandex. Care to translate?

Here Bandage, did you hear us running riot through the hotel on Saturday morning? Wanker security guard fucking knocking on our door. Prick!

Answer the fooking question, jaysus…

Answer your own fucking question.

or ask Ben, he figured it out fairly sharpish.

Fooking hell, its like talking to a heroin junkie.

How would you know what talking to a junkie is like? Do you know many?

You see plenty of them on the streets of Dublin, begging for a handc out from those of us better off.

I piss on those cunts and throw my leftover kebab at them. Then sometimes I get sick on them.

Knock knock.

“blah be jah”

What are ye 14…Thinking it is great craic running up and down a hall way…

Probably playing knock-a-dolly :wink:

Running up and down a hallway? Yeah thats what we were doing ;). You clown.

coming from the man who went to america to watch wrestling, I don’t think you are in the position to call anyone a clown…

You watch GGA. Enough said.

how exactly is that enough said…you sad little cunt

I win.

Good day.