Niall Breslin - Carrying the anxieties of a nation


What a man. Speaking on Marian Finucane yesterday and about 607 other media outlets in the past 18 months about depression.
No interest in personal agenda, career, picking low hanging media exposure fruit. Just pure, like himself and Niall Harbison who he teamed up with to speak about........depression at the Lovin Dublin gig last week.
A selfless giant. Makes me proud to be Irish.


Said the rugby lads are on drugs too
He's a former Leinster player


I always thought this lad was a tosser, I watched that clip the rubber bandits shared this morning at half five on facebook about him talking about depression, I have to say it brought tears to me eye, a legendary speech, as I have often thought about topping myself over the years.


We are here for you if you ever need a chat, Tossy.


I don't believe he's sincere.


Once you see the words "please do share it" you know it's bollix.

@Keith Houchen


Why not Keith expand a bit?


To be fair Keith, you've been dining out on 1 diving header since 1987


Hi Tabby
Just a personal feeling. The guy who set this up (from Lovin Dublin - a blog) called is a complete charlatan who would genuinely say absolutely anything to make a buck and has done in the past, and is generally laughed at by people in the space he works in as being a fantasist.
I've never felt anything remotely near sincerity from anything that Breslin chap has ever said or done. i think he's acutely self-aware and knows he has a shelf-life of relevance and will do anything to protect/boost it.
Just personal thoughts but I'd hold what he's saying, especially that speech (which i think is fairly base level cop on) in the same regard as someone saying "war is bad, I hate war, people should get on etc", "Men shouldn't rape women, rape is bad, don't do it guys"
It's self serving point scoring obvious shit, that morons share (obviously me included) to make themselves feel better. I suppose there's nothing wrong with the sentiment but what the f*ck are people getting excited about.


Dave Bennett put it on a plate for me.


I have heard Bressie speak about this mental health issues in the past.

I don't think he is a bad guy but I don't necessarily think he has anything ground breaking to say about mental health, despite what he may think.

It mainly centres around him speaking out about his anxiety and referencing the fact that no one 'high profile (is he?)' did so when he was going through it when he was younger. Has he been following any of the papers recently? It is full of depression stories.


Why did you share it so?


Harbz has also called himself an alcoholic cos he goes mad on the beer once every 6 weeks.

Bressie is a self publicist of the highest order. Gave up Christmas last year to train in Lanzarote for an iron man and made sure the world knew about it.

Reminds me of Robbie Williams in the early 00's who Noel Gallagher took the piss out of.
"Cancer - I've had that. Twin Towers, I was in that. Alzheimer's - errr have I had that?"


Fair play to Bressie. I would have had plenty of chats with buddies over the years about depression. Plenty of people talk about depression. Problem I see is that not enough people with actual depression do talk to someone. That's the point he is trying to get across and it's a very good message. More power to the man, he has my utmost respect.


Just to see what other peoples thoughts were on the subject. Standard practice I would have thought on a discussion board.
Why do you have 5 rubbish lines from a crap book clogging up the page for everyone?



i have a quote from Niall Harbison as my signature


That would be pretty much my take on it.
We are an odd nation.


I see that now. He's some buachaill.




There's a self serving side to 'coming out as a depression sufferer' as well though FP, particularly if you're in the music or entertainment game. I don't think Bressie is completely like that but I don't think he adds much to the debate.

I would have far more time for the likes of James Wade who operates in an arena where depression is very taboo. He also spoke about in a brilliantly frank and honest manner which was at complete odds to the hard man image he seemed to be trying to portray himself as.